privacy  and has set various privacy principles for your safety in order to protect your privacy and in order to ensure that you get the highest level of technological infrastructure. You acknowledge and agree that you deemed to have accepted all of these principles with visiting the site and being member.

Article 1
There is no need to be member to visit  and to share your personal information. The users deemed to have accepted the rules set out in Pricacy Policy and Legal Warnings by visiting the site. In order to become a member the user has to accept the Membership and Work Sharing Agreement. 

Article 2
Information of user's first name, last name and e-mail address submitted to define the user name is accepted as “Personal Information” and will be permanent.  takes the necessary measures to ensure the security of personal information and unless otherwise indicated in this privacy policy and unless required by applicable legislation, undertakes not to disclose your personal information to the companies which are not in cooperation with and to the third party..

Article 3
All correspondences and personal information between the site and members, visitors shall constitute a secret.  shall undertake not to disclose such information unless a legal obligation. 

Article 4  may share the uploaded works on the site over the accounts that are opened on behalf of or that  is in cooperation with, on social media in order to advertise and promote the activity of the site. 

Article 5  may determine the Internet Protocol (IP) of the users, the identification of problems with the system and connection date requiring to being solved of technical problems that may arise  and may use them..

Article 6  shall undertake to take all necessary measures in order to prevent the entry into public circulation, unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party and to show due diligence..
Article 7  may use the user’s contact information in order to reach the user,  may send e-mail its members whenever it deems necessary.
Article 8 can change provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. The provisions of Privacy Policy that has made changes shall take effect on the date of its publication on the website.
*The rules which are identified with this Privacy Policy shall also be valid for '''' that is Turkish version of. 

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